How to Make a Sale.

How to make a sale

Don’t discount, add Value.   The starting point of every sale, started with an entrepreneur that had; The recognition of a need (problem) or The conception of an idea (solution). Your capacity to make money as an entrepreneur is greatly dependent on how much

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April Fools and Laughter in Business!


Did you play any “April Fools” jokes at your work? Studies have shown that laughter is good for you and your business. There is even a wikiHow on it (here) because some people need help with the “how to” have fun or

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Live Chat Gives You An Edge Over Your Competition!


WARNING!! Many retail businesses are still not offering chat. “Live chat is a key feature that websites must have in order to be competitive.” KISSmetrics. When I read the numbers (and lets face it, numbers don’t lie) and that statement,

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How to Build Trust Online.


 Do customers TRUST you? More importantly is, “how do I build that online?” If your looking for the fastest way to grow your business online, then I would recommend you start here, with the A.B.C.’s of trust.  “It’s the most

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