Monday is a great day to Market

Marketing Mondays.

This is when I do my writing and all my marketing activities: preparing email blasts for my clients to be sent out, writing my blog, contacting my potential clients . And I might squeeze in a new clients IF I want!

Client Days
. Tues, Wed & Thurs

On a typical day I may start at 6am, after working out, after this makes me ready to start by day, take lunch from 1-2pm, then back to work 3-5pm or later if I have a EST client. I make client appointments to fit MY schedule, MY plan.

Fridays are now Fun Fridays and for Re-evaluation.

I have a morning mastermind group to re-evaluating my goals, but after that my day is my own: I may read, have lunch with a friend, and maybe another 1-2 clients, if I choose.

Your schedule may be different than mine — just make sure it has plenty of time for YOU, so you can have plenty of energy for clients!

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With over 25 years of business experience, Micro-Entrepreneur Specialist Kenneth Manesse Sr. has provided help to small business owners and organizations implement sustainable positive transformation, he has worked with CEO’s, executives, managers, professionals, and start up entrepreneurs. Oh, just one more thing - after raising 8 kids, he believe he's still sane ... yay RIGHT?

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