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What does it take to become successful?

Tony Robbins

Successful people follow successful people! It’s funny how so many people are trying to find the answer to that question. “What does it take to become successful?” My path has led me to ask the very same question. The first

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How to have a successful business?

The world keeps changing.

Success is often scary.   There is no SUCCESS without change; there is no change without fear (or loss); and there is no loss without pain. Change requires making choices. It’s not enough to dream of changing. It’s not enough to desire change. In order

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Why Facebook is not good for small business marketing!

Facebook ads

This just in, or what the industry like to say, “Breaking News!”   Scanning Facebook on my smart phone this morning revealed something very telling! What I was able to see was just one more reason that Facebook is bad

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Marketing: the truth is that they lie!


College marketing professors and media sales “professional” like to tell small business owners that you need to “get your name out there.” That the purpose of you placing ads is to “build your brand.” And that when you “Do image

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