New Small Businesses must do the 3 daily..

Small businesses provide the major source of new ideas and innovations. Studies shows that most of the new jobs created in a country come from small business and not from large corporations.This combined with the composition they provide to each other and to big business, they both accounts for much of a country’s striking economic dynamism and growth.

Almost every business was once a small business and the forests of industrial strength have grown from such a seedbed. This desire to be creative, independent, and wealthy is human and without it, the economy would not move as it does. Yet such desire, ideas, talents, or skills are not in themselves sufficient in this cold and calculating world to keep your business from failing.

Small business must keep these 3 truths part of their THINKING daily..

1. Daily communicate the “Vision” by the owner to others.
2. Live the “Vision” so that others can see it!
3. Have the “Mission Statement” fulfill the Vision.

The dynamics of creativity must be tempered with the consciousness of stark realities, (SBA, “56% of businesses will fail within 4 years.” Brian Head ) and must be practice daily.


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