Empowered Teams

All organizations and company’s are teams, whether they are ongoing or temporary. More often than ever before, work is accomplished through teams as a vehicle for enhancing profitability. Empowered teams accomplish more in less time and with greater cohesiveness than individuals working alone.

Therefore, businesses find that teams are a critical method for facing the challenges of increased competition, and ever-evolving technology. Companies form teams for different reasons, but most teams are created to solve problems and ensure that an company becomes more flexible, effective, and competitive.

However, simply putting a team in place is no guarantee it will produce results. All teams need support and training in order to help them work effectively and productively.

First, it is critical that team members and leaders are trained in effective communication in order to promote the free flow of information within the team and out to the organization or company. Interpersonal group skills are also critical for people working in a group setting.

Team leader and team member roles and team dynamics must also be addressed when preparing a new team to be successful.


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