Following the steps…

According to psychologists, most people are poor intuitive problem solvers. They tend to adopt a definition of a problem without having collected descriptive data on the situation. They formulate hypotheses based upon incomplete data, and fail to seek out possible alternative explanations. Even when information is available, it is often ignored if it does not support existing preferences and assumptions.

Complex problems sometimes call for radical thinking. Dare to defy the myths. Galileo uprooted the natural belief that earth was not round. Going around the earth wouldn’t have revealed to Galileo that the earth is round. Instead, he chose to think in radical ways. Throughout history, those who have failed to challenge the status quo have often been proven wrong.

Systemic thinking allows you to solve problems by coming to practical, workable solutions, whether in business or in life. Following the steps will give you the tools you need for your thinking and problem solving to be more efficient and effective.


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