Eliciting Your Values

Here is a step-by-step method to create your own personal values hierarchy. I want to warn you that this can be a time consuming process, and it will require your concentrated attention. So if this isn’t a good time for you to do this, feel free to read it over now and then complete it when you can put in the time. It’s hard work, but it’s worth the effort.

The question to ask yourself is this:

What is truly important to me in life?

Brainstorm a list of your values as your answers to this question. Try to reduce your responses to a single word or two that encapsulates each answer. For example, if one of your answers is, “having a successful career,” then you might reduce that to the value of “success.”

To make this task easier for you, I’ve put together a sampler you can see to help build your own list. Don’t worry about the order of your list yet or how long it is. Just get everything down in writing.

So you might end up with a list that looks something like this:

* Love
* Health
* Wealth
* Comfort
* Fun
* Happiness
* Success


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