Follow-up experiment…

In a follow-up experiment, the researchers challenged 15 people to walk straight while blindfolded. When they couldn’t see at all, the walkers ended going in surprisingly small circles – with a diameter of less than 66 feet. In repeated attempts, blindfolded walkers circled in one direction sometimes and in the opposite direction others times.

The blindfold experiment dispelled one theory- that people might walk in circles because one leg tends to be longer or stronger than the other. Instead Souman suspect that little mistakes in the brain add up until the sense of what’s straight turns into something round.

Well it looks like the hamster wheel ended up being the way our brains are wired, who would have thought that being on that wheel was not only getting you nowhere, but that if you got off of it, you would end up still going in circles.

But before you get discouraged let me share one important fact that the study also uncovered. The circular walkers that
were not blindfolded and that were able to see the sun managed to travel fairly straight. Those that were able to see the sun did better than those that were blindfolded, but Souman says “after these experiments, I would never go into a big forest or a desert without a compass anymore”.

We all need direction, help, and to be able to see the Son!

Folly delights a man who lacks judgment, but a man of understanding keeps a straight course. Pro. 15:21

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