“I’m a fireman”

I love the story that Sir. Ken Robinson tells about a fireman. Ken goes about telling this story of a man inline at one of Ken’s book signing.

“What do you do?” He said, “I’m a fireman.” Ken asked, “How long have you been a fireman?” He said, “Always, I’ve always been a fireman.” And then Ken followed up and said, “Well, when did you decide or know?” He said, “As a kid.” He said, “Actually, it was a problem for me at school, because at school, everybody wanted to be a fireman.” He said, “But I “wanted” to be a fireman.” And he said, “When I got to the senior year of school, my teachers didn’t take it seriously. This one teacher didn’t take it seriously at all. He said I was throwing my life away if that’s all I chose to do with it, that I should go to college, I should become a professional person, that I had great potential, and I was wasting my talent to do that.” And he said,It was humiliating because he said it in front of the whole class, and I really felt dreadful. But it’s what I wanted, and as soon as I left school, I applied to the fire service and I was accepted.”

And he said, “You know, I was thinking about that guy recently, just a few minutes ago when you were speaking, about teachers,” he said, “because six months ago, I saved his life.” He said, “He was in a car wreck, and I pulled him out, gave him CPR, and I saved his wife’s life as well.”

He said, “I think he thinks better of me now.”

His passion for wanting to be a fireman, and his shape, was something that his teacher now saw and might I say was thankful for? I’m sure that that teacher and his wife were glad that the fireman was living his purpose.

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