Applying these truths!

Do you know what you were gifted to do?

Are you living your live with purpose?

Are you ready to live your purpose for all of eternity?

After a year long daily study of the “Book of Proverbs” Kenneth Manesse, Founder of 3 Dimensional Life, emerged with a deeper understanding of how to create a life worth living. In his 1st book he shares with you the discovered wisdom and truth of Learning, Living, Helping. Applying these truths to your life will set you apart to fulfill your purpose, live a life of significance, and help leave a legacy.

You will discover and develop how:

Learning – (Strategic Thinking) is the key to your Purpose.
Living – a life of (Systemic Thinking) leads to significance.
Helping – others though (Inspirational Thinking) leaves a Legacy.

All of us will have to give an account of how we lived our lives. These truths will help you see that the soil that the seed of your dreams are in, can be developed in to a reality. You will be given the tools to create a life, were your ROI (return of investments) will not just be 30 or 60 but has been gifted to produce 100 fold. "A 3 dimensional Life"

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