She will never make money at it.

“We always make ourselves right, we never make ourselves wrong”

I was talking with a 15 year old girl that is a friend of mine that made the statement that she could never make money at what she was gifted to do. That’s what she believed! And the truth is she will never make money at it, if that’s what she believes. That’s because we always make ourselves right.

What controls your body is your mind. I’ll show you, I want you to left your right hand over your head. If you did this little excises you will notice that how that was made possible was not me telling you to do that, but it was your mind. That’s right I did not make you do anything. It was you! It was your mind that told your body to raise your right hand over your head. I was telling you to do something, but it was your mind that made you do it. It was your choice.

That’s the point, what you tell yourself is what you will find yourself doing. How many times have you heard someone say that they always lose my keys or glasses? And sure enough they can’t find them, there lost. I’m sure you have heard people say that they will never lose weight.

You see the point is that it is your mind that is telling you what you will be, and because that’s your truth, than you will always make yourself right.

What do you keep telling yourself?


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