Thankful leaders are..

The most tangible form of service to “that great and glorious Being” is found in service to our fellow man. Frank Warren said, “If you wish to be a leader you will be frustrated for very few people wish to lead. If you aim to be a servant you will never be frustrated.” One of the most defining qualities of a leader is not in who serves him, but in whom he serves.

Thankful leaders are sincere and humble. “…that we may then all unite in rendering unto Him our sincere and humble thanks…” Washington said.

Leaders are grateful not so much for their position (the weakest form of leadership) but for the blessings that the position offers. With the position comes great responsibility to do good.

A leader comfortable in his own skin is sincere and humble. He is not self-absorbed by a sense of self-importance, but understands that it is through humility, sincerity, and service to others that his greatest contributions are made.

Are you ready to start serving?


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