Trust me it works!

You asked me: Is there something I can do to help me with those around me?

Well, actually there are a two things that you can do right now that will immediately impact and help them.

First: Appreciate

Find something to appreciate in the people around you right now. Anything you can focus your attention upon that calls upon the quality of them. Doesn’t matter what it is. Because when you are “focused on them” while appreciating them – they benefit. Trust me it works, just try it and see for yourself.

Second: Listen

When you practice the great art of listening, your world takes on a new perspective. You are better able to understand those around you as well as appreciate them. Listening is one of the highest forms of love, did you know that? Think of the people who really listen to you. Love them, don’t you?

Uplifting others is a GREAT thing, but it takes a little work on your end to accomplish. Develop these two practices, by doing them everyday and the change in your relationships will not be lost on you. And those around you…they will love it too!

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