Sense of Urgency!

Nothing creates a sense of urgency within a business like the realizations that revenues continue to decline and the current ways of doing business are not viable. Urgency creates momentum and eliminates short-term frustrations; produces quick results that provide some short-term relief; and increases confidence in the team’s ability to deliver.

Unfortunately, acting with only urgency in mind can lead to increased chaos within the organization, reducing the confidence of the decision makers.

The chaos created by a “URGENCY APPROACH” is the leading factor behind the failure of many large projects. Acting too quickly can cause a lack of managerial commitment and unclear objectives for transformation within the company. Moreover, it can cause an incomplete or poor business process without facts to back the need for change as well as hidden political agendas.

In addition, “URGENCY” can limit the ability for decision makers to articulate the proper framework or structure for reorganization projects; development of unrealistic timelines; and poor communication between decision makers and stakeholders, rapidly leading to growing unfavorable results.

When faced with the increased strain of trying to produce immediate results, avoiding these traps can become increasingly difficult for even the most seasoned decision makers.


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