Do’s for your company’s Facebook page.

Facebook may have 500 million users, but having an outpost on the social-media site won’t necessarily increase sales or referrals to your Website. However, the right tools, used strategically, can help make Facebook an important part of your marketing, lead acquisition, and customer-service strategies.
Here are 5 key dos for your company’s Facebook page.

1. Do: Take advantage of Facebook Places.

This location-based application allows users to “check in”—or alert their network—wherever they are. If you have a brick-and-mortar location, turn patrons into Facebook promoters by giving them freebies or specials offers if they check-in from your location, using Facebook Places. However, be sure to connect your check-in page to your company page, otherwise Facebook users who click check-in links on their News Feeds and Walls will be taken to a generic Facebook page that doesn’t contain your keywords or branding.

2. Do: Use Facebook for customer service.

Online support forums and live-chat services can be costly. Facebook, however, can help you communicate easily with customers who become your fans on the site. Facebook’s Wall, forums, status updates, and other features let you answer technical and other queries, post new product upgrades or offer a frequently-asked-questions section. Additionally, your fans can help each other out.

3. Do: Go “tag” crazy.

Tagging is simply identifying a Facebook user in a photo or video, an action that triggers an update to the user’s News Feeds. Tag your business and your customers in videos and photos as often as possible. Why? Tagged photos and videos, especially those tagged by your fans, have a higher likelihood of being seen by more people. If you decide to launch a Facebook promotion, try to find ways to integrate tagging into the plan.

4. Do: Befriend Facebook group administrators.

Search out influencers on Facebook and offer them specials, coupons, and other perks they can offer to their Facebook groups. A status update, Wall post or message from a group’s administrator will return better results than a mass message to their members from you.

5. Do: Add a well-placed “Like” button to your Website and newsletters.

Don’t just throw a “Like” button on your site; integrate it into the customer experience and surround it with a call to action. For example, place the button near your mailing-list sign-up form. Users are more likely to click a “Like” button while opting-in for a subscription. Test, track, and adjust this tactic until you see results.


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