Facebook page! Don’t do it.

With over 500 million facebook users these 5 “Don’t” will help you grow your company page….

1. Don’t: Let your Facebook Wall be the first thing newcomers to your page see.

The company page Wall is usually busy with status updates and user comments. Instead, use Facebook’s page settings to set up a “welcome” page (see “How do I change the default tab”). Make sure it inspires action. Perhaps you can post a short YouTube video about your company with a vanity URL to a big promotion Website or design a custom background showing users how to sign up for your mailing list.

2. Don’t: Turn off your user comments function.

If you promote your brand online, odds are good that you’ll receive some negative feedback. Whether or not these comments are warranted, your responses and communication with these individuals will demonstrate your commitment to customer service.

3. Don’t: Use the Facebook Events tab for RSVPs.

If users register for events that you list on Facebook, you will not capture their data for your mailing list. Always require registrants to sign up for events on your own site.

4. Don’t: Send mass messages to your network.

Most users will never even look at your messages. Should you be compelled to send a message, make sure it offers something of real value. Clearly state that value in the message subject line. Avoid general brand messages and announcements, or you’ll lose supporters.

5. Don’t: Link Facebook Ads to your Facebook page.

Targeted and compelling Facebook Ads may get you results but link them to a page on your Website that hosts information about the promotion and encourages users to take action in as few clicks as possible. Remember to push users from Facebook to your turf—a Web page—where you control the content, environment, and functionality. Doing so may provide a higher probability of converting leads into sales and acquiring consumer contact information.


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