Selecting the Right Person!

To ensure that a task is completed to the your satisfaction, it is crucial to select the “right” person for the job. Effective delegation is about assigning challenging jobs to the person most qualified to complete the work as well as most interested in taking on the challenge.

When deciding with whom to trust a task or responsibility, consider the following questions.

* Once trained, will this person have the capacity to do the job unsupervised?

* Does this person have a track record of open communication?

* Do this person’s strengths match the required skill set and/or knowledge base to successfully complete the assignment?

* Is it realistic to add another responsibility to this person’s workload?

* Do you trust this person enough to be patient as he/she progresses through his/her learning curve?

Now that you have done your work in selecting the right person, (* because you asked all the right questions) get out of the way and let them show you that they can be Successful!

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