Quick win vs. Balance

In the early stages of organizational change, a solid understanding of the business’ processes influences the quality of the business case and helps decision makers fully articulate the challenges leading to the need for change within the company. As the transformation continues, detailed process analysis influences the redesign of business procedures, technology architecture, and organizational structures—which can all be linked to a financial impact.

Of course, the challenge of a process-driven approach is the time it takes to execute. Avoiding the normal pitfalls and diligently defining the objectives, developing a solid business case, gaining cross-functional buy-in, and assembling the right team have a cost. And, as decision makers delve into these important tasks, the sense of urgency that initially sparked the cost reduction effort often disappears or at least feels absent.

Taking a Balanced Approach

The answer is a balanced approach in which the science of a well-crafted plan and project structure is coupled with the art of layering results throughout the plan to gain momentum and increase confidence. Balancing these two intertwined concepts leads to decisions about the risk that you are willing to accept.

A balanced addresses the need for quick “wins” with built-in cost savings while executing a well-structured program that delivers significant and lasting improvements.


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