Say “Yes” to moving toward your goals.

My clients must decide what they are willing to say “no” to in order to say “yes” to moving toward their goals. What are they willing to sacrifice? Once goals are identified, as a coach, I help clients realize their level of determination in accomplishing them.

I know this personally because my coach helped me in clarifying how determined I was in pursuing a business goals, while working full-time and going through a divorce. Through thought-provoking questions, I realized how important it was . It was truly a personal goal. My coach helped me realize the impact of accomplishing this goal as well as not pursuing ……. I accepted the sacrifices I needed to make (working late hours, being overly tired, weekends dedicated to work, etc.) in order to increase my self-satisfaction. I was determined! As a result, I had accomplished my goal!

As a coach I help clients clarify goals, identify sacrifices, and reveal their level of determination in achieving goals. My clients will become aware of what is truly fueling their determination, such as self-satisfaction, money, status, business goals, etc.

As a Coach I assist clients in identifying personal and professional goals.

As a coach, my questions to you:

“How determined are you in achieving your goals and what sacrifices are you willing to make?


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