Not enough trust!

Trust is core to how people work together.

In order to build trust, people must have both awareness and sensitivity about the behaviors known to erode trust and the behaviors known to build and sustain trust. The are four key elements of trust—ability, believability, a sense of connection to the individual, and a track record of dependable behavior. Ability equates to demonstrated competence. Believability requires that leaders and individuals act with integrity. It also requires that individuals are connected and care about one another. Dependability is determined by the ability to be dependable and reliable with their results and actions with a consistency that is built over time.

But in many organizations there are too many that are self serving and not enough trust, which leads to conflict, infighting, silo mentalities, and stagnant crossfunctional communication. When this happens, the organization’s sense of community andshared purpose flounders.

“Trust is essential to harnessing the energy and passion of people, and it is at the root of exceptional performance.


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