Sales isn’t exactly booming!

If you spend your workdays worrying about sales, you are probably headed for trouble. Push those negative thoughts out of your mind and focus on the work you do and how you add value to your company. Demonstrate positivity and a can-do attitude to your team. Stop being complicate about sales do something… take a online webinar, read a book, go to a seminar, add a coach to your team. It’s time to take this new year by the horns!

For the new year add sales to your skill set. When it comes to You, Inc., there is only one person on the sales team that can do something about you: YOU! Despite what your resume says, adding sales to your skill set is a must. Whenever you are trying to pitch a new idea to your company, you’ll need a sales pitch that is convincing and sound. Moreover, if you are vying for a promotion or raise, you’ll need to be prepared to pitch yourself. Be ready to defend your views and have answers for the tough questions. If someone disagrees with you, be ready to support your ideas with solid research and your own enthusiasm.

Work smarter and you’ll get ahead, a coach might be the answer for you to turn those negative thoughts around.

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