3DL Radio

3DL Radio is a internet radio program devoted to providing content that is encouraging you to fulfill your life’s Purpose. That is our Passion and what drives our company and those who work for us. As a network devoted to Christ and His mission as our focus, we trust you’ll agree:

“That your life was created for a purpose, now your work is to create a life with that Purpose!”

So sit back and enjoy, “I will help you discover and develop your Gift, and help you find the Purpose of your Life. I will help you “Create” a life that works right for you, right now!”

Your Radio Host

My Name is Lisa and I am a firm believer of Living your Purpose, Working within your strengths and leaving a legacy. I worked with a GREAT Life Coach who brought out what was in me by asking the right questions.

I have been laid off twice in the last 6 years and want to help by providing information that helped me. This is done with a team that will encourage you along the journey. I also want to help you grow in the knowledge of “who you are” that’s why I host 3 Dimensional Life and want to be part of your team.

You will be successful because you where made for a purpose and that is your strength. You will wake up everyday loving the life God planned out for you. It wont be easy but THERE IS A PLAN.


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