To your Success!

Don’t fall down this year, instead rise above the myriads of “to-do lists” and think strategically and make a difference and create value in your organization and in your LIFE!

Here is a plan that will really work!
Well,… for almost anyone!

* Approach work scheduling that shift the best laid plans into concrete action.
* Develop a proactive framework to guide your activities—this helps you navigate through each day.
* Make the 80:20 rule work for you!
* Prioritize your tasks using validity, urgency and importance.
* Overcoming your tendency to react quickly by asking yourself one simple question before you do anything.
* Identify your own “delaying tactics”—what gets in the way of you taking action?



2 thoughts on “To your Success!

  1. Strategy rather than the overwhelm and delaying tactics of to do lists – brilliant!
    To do list have their place – but I have been guilty in the past of doing to-do lists rather than taking action…

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