Great Teams

Three Characteristics of Great Teams

When the following three commitments are achieved, powerful results are created:

1. Great teams focus on bringing “world class results.” In other words, they have a commitment to world class results. In every interaction with a customer or with each other they want to create really great outcomes.

2. Great teams have a commitment to doing the “important” not the urgency . Urgency in business are never good. So, great teams have a commitment to being open and change but stay focus on the important.

3. Great teams support each other. They are supportive of one another, recognize each other, have each other’s backs.

The Role of the Leader

In the great teams you will find that the leader was part of the team, and he saw himself in that way. The idea was: “I have a role on a team. It’s a really important role, but it’s a role. I am not the dictator of this team who gives every instruction and manages everything.”

People want to be included; they don’t want to be just managed. So, on these great teams, the leaders played a vital role in encouraging and setting vision, bringing the right people, and removing obstacles, but what they do not do is to micromanage.


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