Want to Collaborate?

5 Tips for building a collaborative group:

1. Think of your group as members, not consumers. Give them all the traditional benefits of joining a “club”: status, identity, and shared interests.

2. Interact honestly with your group, versus shouting at them about your next big product.

3. Invest a lot of time greeting your first wave of core group members and then, on an ongoing basis, introduce them to other members.

4. Empower your groups “evangelists” with simple tools, that make it easy to spread and share.

5. As your brand grows, recognize and reward the “evangelists” for their role in your success.


8 thoughts on “Want to Collaborate?

  1. Great tips/ideas. I feel like these can be incorporated in several manners into my line of work and I can appreciate already having the word “club” in my business name being: Club Creative Studio. It automatically associates and establishes your first point nicely.

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    Very clear points..thanks! I have not given much thought to creating a club/group until recently and this post is right on time!
    I’d love to hear more about your fourth point. Giving tools to share is a light bulb for me.

    Keep well,

  3. Collaboration is the only way we can go forward. We have to stop thinking of the consumer as the enemy and we need to realise we all need each other. Evangelists aren’t just for religion

  4. Excellent tips! I have a “core” group but am in several “sub-groups” within my niche. It makes for great promotional support. Also, it’s truly a give and take! I help them, they help me. You know?

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