Marketing time again! The 1-2 punch

Here’s the approach that I use to come up with effective marketing tactics for my clients.

Step 1: Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

This question is really important because you can’t sell to someone you don’t know. These are some questions you may want to ask yourself

Step 2: Finding the Hot Buttons

Let’s say you’re selling a new patio cover to a homeowner. After doing the first two steps of this process you learn that the wife is the researcher and the decision maker (she writes the checks), but the husband is the influencer and the user of the backyard. Therefore, you’ll have to sell your patio cover benefits to wife and the husband. They’re different people, with different motivations.Because you’re selling to both, you need to include benefits for both in your marketing message.

Now you know who your ideal customer is, how he or she makes decisions, who else is involved in the decision making process, what motivates those people to take action, and how to reach them.

Now all you have to do is ……CLOSE!


8 thoughts on “Marketing time again! The 1-2 punch

  1. That is so true Kenneth – you have the influencer and the decsion maker and once you determine who is who, it makes it a bit easier to make that sale. Good tip.

  2. Great blog but I have a semantic reaction to the word customer especially in a market where buyer have enormous choice of where to purchase so many things at such diverse prices.
    Benefits are critical to selling to anyone. Knowing who is likely to buy and when matters but the world is small so buyer’s come from everywhere

  3. Simple, yet effective tactic for sure! I think it’s so important to know who your target market is, in any kind of business! You can’t sell to just anyone, you have to know who you are selling to and why they are going to benefit from it! Well said! :)

    1. Thanks Amberly…… I find that most business owners have the process wrong (How to I get clients?) the real questions is, (Who is my idea client?).. Thanks for your words of encouragement. Kenneth

  4. I think finding the ideal customer is a big task in itself…also, the hard part is whether you go to the customer or the customer comes to you!

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