4 Ways to ensure you pick the strongest candidate

First you need to do your homework, you need to ensure your Website conveys the firm’s vision—this is the first potential place candidates will go to research your company and see if your company is a company with purpose and vision for them to see the possibilities to grow and develop their skills.

Now your ready to seek out the strongest candidate, follow these 4 steps:

1. Create clear job descriptions with responsibilities and expected outputs.
2. Determine the behavioral characteristics that you seek and design interview questions to screen for them. (you may want to use DiSC).
3. Do check on references and check social media sites. (this also a good time to let your possible candidate that you will be doing some reference checks, and doing a Google search to get as much info as possible).
4. Leverage associations and other networks where the best and brightest in management converge.

Tip: make sure you post your Job on linkedin —they have a job board that gives employers access to a pool of elite, experienced, and educated candidates, this way you may find the one who has the tools and training to succeed already.


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