Use Trigger Words not Tiger’s Words

When it comes to writing a winning headline, few things are more important than psychological triggers. These are words that evoke a positive psychological response in your readers, independently of whatever is said about your product.

As an example, “free” is a psychological trigger word. So, if you‟re planning to give a product or service for free, include the actual word in your headline. It will catch visitors‟ eyes and lure them to read further. Another powerful trigger word is “tested.” For instance, you might say something like “This book contains dozens of tested and proven strategies that I have used for years.” This will convey to the reader that your product is not just any product; it is one that has been evaluated—tested—by many trials over time.

Other powerful triggers include words like pioneering, surefire, crammed, soar, growth, explosive, secret, scientific, research, breakthrough, truth, unlimited, and special. So, next time to you write a headline—or even fill in a headline template—remember to employ some of these psychological trigger words Not Tiger’s words, so you can be sure to draw the greatest possible emotional response from your readers.


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