Purpose Statement

This year is also a great time to examine one’s life purpose. Life’s purpose can be simply defined as a calling, a mission, or an overall theme for your life that transcends your daily activities. Every person has a gift for their life’s purpose that can be accomplished through one’s work as it develops and changes over time, thus creating a fulfilled life of significance.

The Life purpose statement itself, if it is to be useful as the central theme of one’s life, should be articulated in a specific format. It has two parts:

The core: relatively unchanged over one’s life

The expression: changes as life circumstances change

Life purpose can be implemented through consistent focus and through seeing it as an “organizing principle” for the goals and plans one has for each part of his/her life – including but not limited to his/her work.

Following are some samples of the core portion of several life purpose statements:

* To increase the peace and love in the world through…
* To be a positive influence on parents and children through…
* To help working mothers achieve the balance they desire through…
* To help people communicate with each other through…
* To promote win-win conflict resolution and increase peace through…
* To find my own path and help others find their path through…
* To provide environments where self-healing can occur through…
* To help people discover their purpose and express their calling through…


“Increase the peace and love in the world through working as a child and family therapist using harmonious communication approach, pursuing peace in relationships, volunteering with those of like minded through, The Peace Plan.”

Or something like ours at 3 Dimensional Life”

“Preparing the soil to allow people to develop the seeds of their dreams into a Reality”


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