Only 2 Problems in Business.

People and Systems

In simple terms, businesses leaders are responsible for managing two things: people and system.

When I ask managers to tell me which they believe is the highest management priority, the vast majority chooses people. “Our people are our most important resource,” they say, and I understand their position. No system is relevant, no process necessary, without good people to implement. The truth is, it is this very opinion that lies at the root of a major challenge with Sales Transformation. As evidenced by the high sales-force turnover rate. They believe they hired the wrong people for the job: not enough “business” people; too many farmers, not enough hunters. So they whip up their sales team (in many cases) in an effort to find the right fit and mix, only to end up with the same disappointing sales performance they began with. Truth is, it’s not just a people problem.

So what is the priorities for Sales Transformation?

If a company wants to avoid poor sales numbers, they need to clearly defined process and structure (systems), that’s because we take good, capable, well-meaning people, leave them to figure things out on their own, and set them up to be victims of failure. Then we place the blame on them for their miserable sales performance. And to add insult to this injury, we fire them. Quite frankly, if we hired the wrong people for the job, that too, is a system problem.

The truth is, the primary obligation of any business is to develop the concise, clear system and structure by which their people can transform and succeed.


One thought on “Only 2 Problems in Business.

  1. Interesting topic Kenneth. You are right about having the right people, but systems are just as important. Focusing on both will determine the success of your company. It is a difficult balance, but once that balance is in place, your business will soar!

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