Think Strategically when Marketing

Thinking Strategically when putting a marketing plan together is important, and it is just as important to follow these 3 steps. They will get you going in the right direction.

Step 1 Market. Who is your customer?

What do you know about them? Who are they, what do they do, what are their biggest problems, where can you find them? Start thinking about a large target market, than narrow it down to your niche market, and even further –describe your Ideal Client

Step 2 Market Need. What problem will you be solving?

Is this market already aware of the problem and actively seeking solutions? Focus on the product of your service – the value you create, not the commodity – the service that you providing. How will you differentiate your offer from others selling similar products or services?

Step 3 Media (Market Reach). How will you deliver your message to your audience?

What promotion strategies will you use to put your Magnetic Marketing Message in front of your Target Market? Can you use email or do you have to use snail mail? Do you have to advertise or can you use a leveraged introduction? Will you use national media or local media?


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