Primary Obligation

The truth is, the primary obligation of any micro-entrepreneur or business owner is to develop the concise, clear systems and structure by which their people can transform and succeed.

You can take ordinary people, place them in that structure, teach them the systems by which we know they can succeed, and manage them to extraordinary results. If you examine any department of any business that produces consistent results over a period of months, years or even decades, it is typically because someone has identified the logical, repeatable system by which the department performs its function. It doesn’t matter what people in the department come and go. It doesn’t matter who is on vacation.

The systems and structure implemented and managed by the business drive the performance. Accounting, inventory control, human resources, shipping/delivery, dispatch, R&D, and manufacturing are, in all SUCCESSFUL businesses, driven by clearly defined systems and structure.


4 thoughts on “Primary Obligation

  1. Hi Kenneth – I think you have really broken down the basics of success right here. Just understanding what it is that makes a system successful, will allow it to be repeatable!


  2. Systems are key to a successful business. Even with the programmes I will be running, they are based on a systemised process. It just makes everything so much easier.

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