Forms of Twisted Thinking

Forms of Twisted Thinking about your business or life can be in the following categories and could be dangerous if you act on them.

The first sign that you can identified that you are thinking this way, needs to be addressed. When it is identified and brought into your consciousness, it will lose it’s power over you. Check below and see if any of these thoughts ring true to you …. (and by the way, ALL are “NOT” true.)

1. All-or-nothing thinking (a.k.a. my brain and the Vatican’s): You look at things in absolute, black-and-white categories.

2. Discounting the positives: You insist that your accomplishments or positive qualities don’t count (my big sale last week was stroke of luck…really, it was).

3. Jumping to conclusions: You conclude things are bad without any definite evidence. These include mind-reading (assuming that people are reacting negatively to you) and fortune-telling (predicting that things will turn out badly).

4. Magnification or minimization: You blow things way out of proportion or you shrink their importance.

5. “Should” statements (every other word for me): You criticize yourself or other people with “shoulds,” “shouldn’ts,” “musts,” “oughts,” and “have-tos.”

6. Labeling: Instead of saying, “I made a mistake,” you tell yourself, “I’m a jerk” or “I’m a loser.”

7. Blame: You blame yourself for something you weren’t entirely responsible for, or you blame other people and overlook ways that you contributed to a problem.


3 thoughts on “Forms of Twisted Thinking

  1. This is a really insightful list. We are sometimes our own worst enemy. It’s so true that we believe whatever we are telling ourselves. Change your self-talk and you’ll change your outlook and you life!

  2. I have been guilty of twisted thinking at times when my self confidence has taken a hit!!! Thanks for the post, what a great reminder of the power we have over ourselves!

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