Serious about becoming a Micro-Entrepreneur?

Become an Expert!

Are you serious about becoming a micro-entrepreneur? Then become a recognized expert in your field first. There might not be a faster path to growing your business then this! Being seen as an expert sets you apart from your competition, attracts customers that would not have otherwise found you, and can even be its own revenue stream outside of your new business. Learn all that you can about your market and then start writing articles and using the tools of Social Media. If you have doubts as to the power of this approach, just look at what 500 million people are doing already on facebook and what 400 million bloggers know!

Network, Network, Network

There’s something to be said for old-fashioned, face-to-face networking. The more you talk to others, the more your business name will be on the minds of others. Have a thirty second introduction to what you offer ready to go so that when you’re with others, you can quickly talk about what your business does, hand out a business card, and connect with as many people as possible. You never know when a quick chat with a stranger at a networking mixer might turn into a business proposal.

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