“WHY” a Life Objective?

Goals relate to separate parts of your life: your career, finances, family, retirement, etc.

But a Life Objective sets the direction of your whole life. Your Life Objective is the big picture, it explains the WHY in your life.

There are 4 tremendous benefits of thinking through and writing down a Life Objective, plus you will define the ‘WHY”:

“WHY” BECAUSE IT REDUCES FRUSTRATION – by simplifying decision-making.

“WHY” BECAUSE IT INCREASES MOTIVATION – The right Life Objective will inspire you.

“WHY” BECAUSE IT ALLOWS CONCENTRATION – Success is largely the result of focusing on one thing and doing it well.
“WHY” BECAUSE IT ATTRACTS COOPERATION – It is an observable fact that when you decide exactly where you want to go in life, others follow.

People are looking to follow those who’ve clearly figured out who they are and “WHY” they are here.

Are you ready to lead? “WHY” should I follow you?


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