Publicize it!

If you have a ton of fans on Facebook, maybe look into adding a widget to your site where you can publicize that.

If you aren’t getting any comments on your blogs, and you know the traffic just isn’t there yet, consider either switching comments off, or creating a mailing list of your friends that will read your material weekly and promise to comment. Nothing’s worse than seeing a deserted blog. Furthermore, a blog is harder to cover for media than nearly anything else, it can’t sit on its own in the context of any medium other than the internet.

So what is it that you’re selling?

Is it your consultancy, a book, coaching, or public speaking? Even if you haven’t invested in one of these areas, start marketing yourself as one somewhere prominently on your site. This is vital for radio or T.V. reporters because if they see this they know that you can hold your own in an interview or that you’ve probably had experience in live recording.


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