Something You’ll Want to Try!

If you’re not already doing this, this is definitely something you’ll want to try.

Find other people in your niche and see if they will agree to letting you work out a guest blogging schedule, start with just one article, and build the relationship from there. You should offer to publish their content on your site as well.

Remember, if you’re good, and I hope you think you are, you shouldn’t worry about losing out to competition. Make the content for both of you things that compliment or supplement your brands.

You might think about doing video interviews (easy over Skype) to show that you’re both real and besides, everyone loves to watch things more than they like to read them. Studies have shown video is the best way to sell products and services.

All of these things together can only help make you look more reputable and sharpen your image.


3 thoughts on “Something You’ll Want to Try!

  1. I love doing SKYPE interviews. I keep asking T.L.C. bloggers if they want to be interviewed but they seem shy… I have 2 on line radio programmes and always looking to support others. Want to be on radio?

  2. Kenneth, I have been a guest blogger and invited people to blog for me. It has been amazing how it benefits both of us and provides additional value to our readers. I’d recommend it to anyone thinking about taking that step.

    Havent tried using the skype video, though am currently doing an audio interview series which has been very popular.

  3. Yes I love a good vlog (video blog). And guest posting is something I do on a monthly basis, it is truly a great marketing tool.

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