Sign of a cultural issue.

When people chronically miss deadlines, it’s a sure sign of a cultural issue.

Either people aren’t giving it their all—or they’re truly overburdened. Either way, your company’s image will suffer. Set reasonable clear deadlines for everyone involved (and hold them accountable).

When you allow unmet deadlines to throw everything and everyone off-track, with all the unexpected obstacles you face in you business, it sets you up for failure. And yes, sometimes it’s impossible—but those times should be few and far between, but once something gets off-track, nobody is willing to own it.

Make sure you set reasonable deadlines that you and your business can meet in order to avoid setting employees up for failure. Even if it takes some extra elbow grease from time to time, make a conscious effort to meet every deadline every time (and hold your employees accountable for meeting them, too!).

You can change a culture!


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