Don’t despair!

“good-for-nothing,” “worthless,” “no use or value,” and even “gross”.

If some of these words sound all too familiar about your business, don’t despair. The cusp between the year that’s just passed and the one that’s just come is the perfect time to take stock of what’s making your business less than attractive—and resolve to make it better.

Accept responsibility
for your company’s image gracefully and humbly. Nobody likes to be the one at fault, however, owning up to your mistakes and learning from them are a big parts of working at growing and being a successful micro-entrepreneur.

If you make a mistake, be the first to own up to it and try to do things differently in the future. Also, be open to suggestions and criticisms—they may make the going much smoother! (did you see that picture? PLEASE)


One thought on “Don’t despair!

  1. Thanks Kenneth for sharing your thoughts on being a responsible entrepreneur. I especially appreciate you mentioning the fact you should ‘be open to suggestions and criticisms”. This is so important to your business success.

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