What is the world saying about YOU?

What to do with what your customers say.

Your customers aren’t just speaking to you. They are shouting their opinions to the rest of the world. Even if their statements are factually incorrect, they are likely to stir your market and may turn other customers against you. Remember your customers are five times more likely to listen to negative feedback than positive. At least with social media you can know what is being said and take efforts to change it for the better.

Take advantage of your social networking tools and follow all the conversations that relate to your business. You don’t want to use social sites as your own personal PR tool and you don’t want to be in the dark about what your customers are saying about you. Use their comments to improve the quality of your business and your marketing strategy.

All conversations can be a guide on how you need to structure your business. When customers particularly like something you are doing, then you should keep it up.


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