Love breaks down..

Love breaks down without responsibility.

The question is how does responsibility work. Just because we are not responsible “for” someone does not mean that we have no responsibility. We are responsible “for” ourselves, but also “to” others. If someone we love has a problem, or is making destructive choices, or is hurting us in some way, we have a responsibility “to” that person to tell them, try to help them take responsibility for themselves, offer them helpful options (like speaking to a friend), do an intervention, and sometimes even impose consequences with them that will help them take responsibility for themselves.

But all of those must be in a way that live out our responsibility “to” the person, and not “for” the person. They are the only ones who can take responsibility for themselves, as they are the only ones who have control over themselves. At the end of it all, they still have a choice.

Make sure that you take responsibility “for” yourself, and “to” others. Love means responsibility, period.

3 thoughts on “Love breaks down..

  1. I really like the way you explain the different kinds of responsibility. I can only be responsible for my own actions but I am responsible “to” others. I can’t be responsible “for” others because only they have control over their actions.
    I think I will print this out and tape it on my mirror.

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