Armed with a Search Engine!

The word is getting out faster every day. Consumers are more educated and less patient than ever, expecting what they want when they want it—and getting it.

They are armed with search engines and a well-earned sense of empowerment, customers will quickly abandon your company for competitors only a mouse click away. In this fast-changing environment, no company can afford to let their guard down.

Unfortunately, many businesses—both large and small—are ceding control of their customer experience at a time when their customers are less loyal than ever. In 2009, 86% of consumers said they’d stop doing business with an businesses after a bad customer experience, up 27% from four years earlier. This should alarm all business owners—even companies which often act like they’re insulated from outside competitors.

Now more than ever, companies must understand, measure, and improve customer experience. Why? It’s one of the most reliable ways to attract and retain more—and more profitable—customers, most of whom will pay more for better experience, even in a down economy.


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