Attract New Clients… Start Today!

You want to creating a profile that will attract a new client, try starting off with these 3 steps in mind. They can help you get started!

Follow these 3 steps to creating a plan that works:

1. Create a networking plan. Decide on the way you want to connect with your industry and which channels to use for which contacts. The more you connect, the more contacts you have, the higher your industry profile and the more likely your star is to rise

2. Keep the end in sight. Know what your goal is and plan your campaigns to create a realistic path. It doesn’t have to take you all the way there and it doesn’t have to have a clear route to your outcome. Remember, part of the reason for becoming an industry expert is to be found. Your only work is to put yourself in the line of sight of the right people for the right reasons. The rest will come together on its own!

3. Do a regular audit on your profiles and your goal. Are you almost there? Time to set a new goal further forward? Do you need to adjust your profiles? Update any information? Change the profile of people you connect with?

You don’t need to know how to do all of them (Facebook, Linkedin, Tweeter, Blogging, youtube) just the ones that will work best for you…. but you need to start Today!


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