Powerful tactics to naturally yet assertively communicate!

Self-confidence is extremely important in almost every aspect of our lives, yet even people who are generally confident can buckle when facing powerful or demanding people.

The truth is that many who appear self-confident often aren’t really. You signal your level of self-confidence in many ways: your facial expression, your body language, how you speak, and what you say. The difference is that those that have real self-confidence possess a set of skills they can use when needed. This means that you can come across as more self-assured in these situations too.

You need to discover techniques you can use to project confidence that works in any circumstance and especially when you’re in the hot seat with demanding bosses. I’ll help and show you tactics you can use to get grounded and present yourself naturally yet assertively, using both verbal and nonverbal techniques.

What You Will Learn:

* Tips and tactics for making a strong first impression
* What to do when you’re feeling intimidated
* Enhancing your nonverbal signals and reading those of the person in power
* Ways to get grounded in any situation
* How to avoid “traps” that make you appear intimidated
* Advice for handling both planned conversations and “sneak attacks”
* Steps to prepare for meetings with demanding people

Want to find out how? (click here)


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