Front-End Interaction.

Being aware of brand mentions gives you a golden opportunity to connect to a person or a group, to provide value, or even handle a problem related to your product or service. This is called Front-End Interaction.

The main reason to monitor your brand is so you can react to those mentions, hopefully in a timely manner. Sometimes you will see the opportunity to engage in a conversation. Remember, conversations happen even after you have logged off. And you can also ask people to “Like” your fan page.

You may be asking yourself “why do I need to monitor my small business or brand? I don’t get too many mentions”. But you might be wrong my friend, let me share with you my humble story, a super tiny fan page that had no more than 100 “Likes” has more than 1,000 “Likes” in 10 days, and caused my website to get 300 new hits in just one day.

Don’t underestimate your brand or the conversations! (Click to see)


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