Facebook for M.E.’s

Micro-Entrepreneurs (M.E.) today have a powerful advertising agency at their beck-and-call. It’s called The Internet.

You still can spread the news about your product and services through word of mouth, but through social marketing on the web, thousands of people can talk to you at once, and you can fill them in on the latest developments and product just by hitting “enter” on your keyboard. Using Facebook to promote your business can actually provide a wealth of exposure for your product.

Facebook is your post office.

It has its own news feed that sends your page to your fans. Every time your fans “like” a statement or product on your Facebook page, their friends are notified and linked to your page. If you’ve ever checked out a link just because one of your friends “liked” it, then you understand the process. This is word of mouth advertising expanding exponentially.

“Liking” something is using Facebook to promote your business.


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