S.T.A.R.T leading Today!

Are you ready to START leading Today?

S… Showing respect to everyone. In fact, it is critical for great leadership. We forget how sensitive people can be. Simple things like saying hello or thank you. Making other people feel important. These are small gestures that can yield great results.

T… Take responsibility. “Admitting your mistakes“. If you make a mistake, say “’boy’ I screwed up, but I’ll make this right.” Telling the truth about mistakes makes us stronger leaders.

A… Adaptive capacity. It is important for us to develop the intelligence to deal with challenges. NO, we can never conceive of all the potential problems in any given situation. This means that one’s ability to adapt is truly an important key to being a great leader.

R… Ready and wanting it! Being in the role of leader is something you must truly want it. If it’s not something you are passionate about – you’re in the wrong place. Also, it is important to abdicate your ego to the needs of the people.

T… Teaching it by modeling! It’s hard for people to learn how to be a great leader. We all can see the step by step process when it’s modeled to us, and that’s how it’s truly caught.

More is caught then taught!


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