The one quality that can be developed!

Dwight Eisenhower never considered himself a great leader. General Eisenhower believed that leadership could be learned. In a letter to his son, John, General Eisenhower gave this suggestion:

“The one quality that can be developed by studious reflection and practice is the leadership of men.”

As you S.T.A.R.T. (from the THRIVE Mindset Program) inspiring potential leaders, what steps do you suggest for those who want to grow as a leader? What difference has your example made in peoples life’s? What values shaped your leadership style? What leadership principles did you learn? How will you reflect those influences today as you interact with others?

Live today in such a way that others will be encouraged by having known you.


One thought on “The one quality that can be developed!

  1. My focus for the year is to incorporate these three characteristics of devine wisdom into this year’s efforts:

    1) Infuse Integrity into everything I do
    2) Use ‘Thinking outside of the box’ as a defacto standard
    3) Approach ev ery task with an air of ‘Excellence’

    I am infusing these into my Operations Team and can see a great chamnge in production, etc.

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