Branding: which come first?

Which comes first-the chicken or the egg? It’s much the same in business. Trying to balance the activities, especially if you are branding your entity, is a juggler’s nightmare.

Micro-entrepreneurs and small business owners have very small staffs, and most start up business have maybe a spouse or partner. The day-to-day activities of the business make the process of developing the brand and handling the creative processes are a very taxing undertaking Both of these creative activities deserve all of the concentration and focus the stakeholders can invest into them, but which one is more important?

Everything from logos, market research, web site development, tag lines, the print process, graphics and copyrighting and trade marking leave little time for anything else, and trying to prioritize these tasks while running a business can be a challenge.

Take a moment to ask yourself these question.

What’s more important; getting all of the facets completed? Rolling out the logo on stationary and business cards? Waiting until the web site is completed? Should you handle one task at a time, or bundle everything for an impact and a debut?

Remember to slow down and breath it’s going to be all-right.


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