Then character matters!

If you want to be a leader who is wise in how to interact with people, and you want to keep focusing on how you can grow as a leader, today and every day. Then character matters! This day will offer new opportunities to lead like a servant leader. Don’t settle for yesterday’s leadership patterns, get help by seizing the opportunities for you to grow in character as a leader today.

Character matters, and so do leadership skills. The transformational journey that begins in a leader’s heart works its way out in how a leader relates to those around him or her. Leaders who have a heart to serve and have character and want to touch other people’s lives in significant ways, aren’t satisfied with just getting by. Leading like a servant leader involves developing a great character, and becoming increasingly skilled at connecting with and developing those around them.

How will you grow your character as a leader today?


2 thoughts on “Then character matters!

  1. Ah, Kenneth! Your title reminds me of an old joke… Without boring the world, the question is…
    Is it:
    Then, Character Matters OR
    Then Character Matters OR
    Then, character, Matters

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